dilluns, 26 d’octubre de 2015

School trip to Munich

Last week the batxillerat students of IES Seròs went on a school trip to Munich, Germany. It was an unforgettable experience because we had the chance to learn many things such as how to get about in an unknown city on our own. The guides told us about the history of Germany and we got to know  the relevance of the city of Munich in the facts that triggered the Second World War.
We stayed in a very handy and cosy hostel . Our rooms were very comfortable and it was within walking distance form the city centre.
During our stay, we visited The Allianz Arena, the Concentration Camp of Dachau, The Residenz, the Deutsches Museum and many other interesting sites.
We all had a very good time together, the atmosphere among us was always positive and we even strengthen our bonds .
We absolutely  recomend this trip and we encourage the teachers to continue organizing it in the future. No doubt, we are going to remember all these days for the rest of our lives.
Carme Teixidó

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